Dance into the blue

Do you remember when we used to dance?
Dance behind the black,
love above the sky,
dream without the bars...

Like ghost flowers living the past,
present meaning, blue sweet expands,
mirrors forgetting reflection while kisses going pass,
moving my heart around will never be relax,
breathing without your perfume wont ever fill me up.

Let's go dance into the blue,
moving plenty, will get dark,
magic felling, healing us,
neon lights, present and past.

Be my guest into the blue,
rhythm settled heart by heart,
little shaking, rising tide,
feet to feet to be at par.

Let's get dancing hand to hand,
feeling, growing, honest, trust...
looks not easy, seems like dark,
sea breeze always help it
pretty flower, walk with me!
let's go dance into the blue.


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